East Northfield to White River Junction

From East Northfield (MP 110.5), where the line bridges over the Connecticut River and the former B&M line from Springfield (once the route of the Amtrak service) trails in (speeds 30/25 on the junction) on the west side, the single track, OCS, line heads north-northwest, with overall speed limit 55 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freight trains, past the Massachusetts-Vermont State Line, South Vernon, MP 114.0 to MP 114.8, where speed restrictions are 40/30, and the 1,286 ft, siding at Vernon (MP 115.7), where there is a north-facing spur for Vermont Yankee, curving around to the north (following the west bank of the river), to the 5,190 ft. siding at Brattleboro (MP 120.7), where speeds are 35/25 from MP 119.8 to MP 121.0, a B&M line once trailed in across the river, and a Central Vermont branch once headed north-northwest to South Londonderry.

The line turns north-northeast, still following the river (which it will do all the way to White River Junction), past a south-facing spur at West River (MP 120.9), MP 121.0 to MP 121.5, where speeds are 20/10, MP 121.5 to MP 122.2, where speeds are 30 mph , the interlocking at CP 122 (MP 122.2), where CTC starts, a turn north, a north-facing spur for Suburban Propane (MP 122.74), a north-facing spur for Book Press (MP 122.79), a south-facing spur for Boise Cascade (MP 123.3), MP 125.5 to MP 126.3, where speeds are 40/35, MP 126.3 to MP 127.7, where speeds are 55/35, MP 127.7 to MP 129.9, where speeds are 40/35, a turn east-northeast, a north-facing spur for Putney Paper (MP 129.8), the 9,732 ft. siding at Putney (MP 130.0), a turn northeast and then curvily north, MP 135.0 to MP 136.1, where passenger speeds are 50 mph,  a turn northeast, a north-facing spur for Community Feed Store (MP 141.0) in Westminster, MP 141.2 to MP 141.3, where speeds are 40/25, a turn north, Bellows Falls South, an interlocking at CP 143 (MP 143.9), a north-facing spur for Hall (MP 144.1), MP 144.1 to MP 144.4, where speeds are 25/10 through a tunnel, and a turn north-northeast, MP 144.4 to MP 145.5, where all trains are limited to 10 mph, a south-facing spur for Bellows Falls Team (MP 144.6), a south-facing spur for  the Green Mountain Railroad connection at MP 144.7, a flat crossing with the GMR, and the yard at Bellows Falls (MP 144.8).

The line re-crosses the river into New Hampshire, and turns generally north along the east bank of the river, past the 8,887 ft. siding and south-facing interchange track at North Walpole (MP 146.0), a dual-ended spur at Charlestown Runaround (MP 152.67), where a branch to Springfield, VT, once left on the west side, North Charlestown, a north-facing spur for Joy Manufacturing (MP 159.9), the 10.366 ft. siding at Claremont Junction (MP 161.9), where the Claremont County Railroad heads east (on the rump of a line once owned by B&M), MP 162.2, where the overall speed limit for passenger trains rises to 59 mph, and Balloch, and then crosses the river for the last time, back to Vermont, past MP 168.8 to MP 170.3 and then MP 1.0, where speeds are 30 mph, and the interlocking at CP 170 (MP 170.3/0.0).

There is the north-facing Windsor Lead (MP 0.9), MP 4.1 to MP 4.5, where speeds are 30 mph, the 4,530 ft. siding at Hartland (MP 5.0), MP 9.9 to MP 10.4, where passenger speeds are 50 mph, MP 11.1 to MP 12.0, where passenger speeds are 40 mph, the south end of the yard on the east side at Bank (MP 13.4), and the 7,400 ft. siding at White River Junction (MP 14.8), where speeds are restricted to 30 mph, the former Central Vermont heads west-northwest, there is a flat crossing between the rump of the former B&M line to Concord, which connects with the former CV to the west, and the former B&M line north along the river, which connects with the former CV south of the crossing, and a depot in the 'vee' of the CV and river B&M lines.