Wilmington & Western

Formerly the B&O Landenberg Branch, the line became a tourist railroad, reverting to its original name, starting in 1966. The line runs mainly in the heavily wooded valley of Red Clay Creek, on the northwest side of Wilmington, Delaware.

The line runs west from its (former) junction with the B&O main line at Landenberg Junction, turning north at Marshallton. Tourist operations, in 1995, start at Greenbank, in the Red Clay Creek valley, just of Route 41. Starting on the east side of the creek, with a small wooden depot west of the line, the line heads north-northwest across the creek, now with the creek on the east side of the line, bridging over a tributary and turning north-northeast across the creek itself, but still following the alignment of the creek, crossing a road at grade and turning northeast to Faulkland, where it turns north, along the east bank of the creek.

The line bridges the creek again, crosses Route 48, and turns north-northeast, bridging over the creek twice as the latter makes a loop to the west at Wooddale, and then turning north again, temporarily away from the creek, turning north-northwest when the creek returns, and curving around the west side of a bend in the creek to head north-northeast at Barley Mill Road, which it crosses at grade to run along the east side of the road for a short distance. The line rejoins the west bank of the creek, heading north and crosses the road at grade again, turning north-northwest to bridge the creek near Mount Cuba, then north to bridge the creek again, cutting off a sharp bend in the latter, and turning curvily north-northwest along the west bank of the creek.

At Ashland, the line turns west and bridges the creek again, with Route 82 to its north, and then turns northwest, to follow the creek, crossing that same road twice at grade. Approaching Yorklin, the line makes a big turn to the southwest, crossing the creek in the process and then leaving it behind to follow Yorklin Road, curving gently to a west-southwesterly heading, and crossing a road at grade, and Route 41 at grade before reaching the station at Hockessin.