Dallas-Fort Worth

Transverse Lines

Cotton Belt (Fort Worth & Western)

Fort Worth (Tower 60) to Carrollton

Rock Island (TRE)

T&P Station to Transportation Center

Fort Worth (Transportation Center) to Dallas

Texas & Pacific

Fort Worth (Tower 55) to Dallas


Dallas Radial Lines


Cotton Belt

Houston & Texas Central (now DART)

MKT (now DART)

Santa Fe/Kansas City Southern

Texas & Pacific

DFW Junction to Ennis Junction

Ennis Junction to KCS Junction

KCS Junction to Big Sandy

Texas & New Orleans

Houston & Texas Central

Ennis (Garrett Junction) to Ennis Junction

MKT/Burlington-Rock Island

Houston (Belt Junction) to Forest Avenue

Santa Fe (now DART)



Fort Worth Radial Lines

Houston & Texas Central

Ennis (Garrett Junction) to Midlothian Junction

International Great Northern

MKT (South)

Midlothian Junction to Tower 55

Waco to Midlothian Junction

Santa Fe (South)

Fort Worth to Temple

Fort Worth & Rio Grande

Texas & Pacific

Sweetwater to Fort Worth

Fort Worth & Denver

Tower 55 to Saginaw

Saginaw to Quanah

Santa Fe (North)

Forth Worth to Saginaw

Saginaw to Metro Junction

M-K-T (North)

Denison to Choctaw Crossing (Fort Worth)

Choctaw Crossing to Tower 55


Fort Worth Orbital Lines

Frisco (Fort Worth & Western)

Tower 60 to Belt Junction