Georgetown Loop

The entire reconstructed line has a speed limit of 15 mph. The end of track (MP 50.8) at the east end of the line is on the south side of Clear Creek, just as if the line still came from Denver. The line heads southwest, along the bank of the creek, past the 400 ft. siding on the south side and wooden passenger station (platform and shelter) on the north side of track (between the track and the creek) at Georgetown Terminal (MP 51.1, el. 8,615 ft.), aka Devil's Gate Boarding Area, followed by a 28-degree clockwise horseshoe curve bridging over Clear Creek in the middle of the curve, with the line then heading back northeast and climbing on a ledge along the northwest slope of the valley (below I-70, which is on a higher ledge).

At Powder House (MP 51.7), the line starts on an 18-degree, 30-minute, clockwise horseshoe curve, leading onto the steel trestle High Bridge (MP 51.8), which crosses the Loop Drive and Clear Creek, still curving until the line is again on a ledge, this time on the southeast side of the valley, still climbing and heading southwest. One it has passed the southwest end of the lower curve, below, the line turns west-southwest, past the yard (siding on the south side) at Hall Tunnel (MP 52.3), and then west and northwest to bridge above Clear Creek again to the wooden platform and shelter passenger station on the north side of track at Lebanon Mine (MP 52.6).

The line then makes a 28-degree counter-clockwise horseshoe curve, bridging back over Clear Creek again as it attains an east-southeast heading, and then turns northeast, still climbing before initiating a 30-degree clockwise horseshoe curve on a curved embankment at High Fill (MP 53.0), reaching a ledge on the southeast valley wall and heading southwest and then west, before making a 24-degree curve to the north, still on the valley wall, and then a gentler curve back to the west onto the valley floor, which has risen to the same level as the track, at the siding on the south side at Morning Star (MP 53.8), and then the yard, locomotive shop and passenger station (wooden depot) on the south side of track, and passing track on the north side, at Silver Plume (MP 54.0, el. 9,178 ft.).