Wood Street Yard (Global 1) to Ashland Avenue

The CR&I (Chicago River & Indiana) Industrial Tracks, formerly the Chicago Junction and before that the CR&I, start at a north end at the Western Avenue (east) apex of the wye at the west end of the former Wood Street Yard (now UP's Global I West), on a bridge over the eponymous Western Avenue, curving around to the south, single track, 10 mph, to the south apex of the wye at 14th Street, where there is a crossover as the track joins with the two tracks (UP) coming south from Tower A2, which become CR&I Tracks 2 (east) and 3 (west), with maximum speed 15 mph, and with B&O Chicago Terminal and the routing of the erstwhile PRR Panhandle line to the north side of Union Station, to the west, past the bridge carrying the former CB&Q overhead, with a connector (5 mph on the connector) down from that line on the east side at 22nd Street, and a southwest quadrant connector to the B&OCT on the west side.

The CTA Pink Line bridges overhead, and there are signals at 26th Street Crossing, where there is a flat crossing with southeast quadrant connector with a BNSF industrial track, signals at 31st Street, where a connection to the Illinois Central's Iowa line heads away west, a double-track through truss movable bridge over the Chicago River (at a location where there are four through-truss movable bridges for five parallel tracks, of which this is the easternmost bridge), signals at Ash Street, where there are dual flat crossings with the IC Iowa line and the former Santa Fe line from 21st Street, with a southeast quadrant connector with the latter, with Ash Street Tower in the southeast corner, followed by a crossover, a south-facing spur on the west side, dual flat crossings with the IC Joliet line (controlled by a flagman until 2010), a bridge carrying the CTA Orange Line overhead at an angle, and a crossover, before the line curves east, with a yard lead starting on the south side, to Ashland Avenue Yard, where Tracks 2 and 3 pass along the north side of the yard.