Western Avenue to Cicero (ex-CB&Q)

West of the main line through girder bridges over the ex-Chicago Junction, ex-B&OCT, and ex-PRR tracks below, a connecting line in the southwest quadrant climbs up to join the southernmost of the Four Main Tracks at a signal bridge as South Rockwell Street passes below. The speed limit is 70 mph for passenger trains and 30 mph for freights at this point. The line continues west-southwest, passing a signal bridge, a bridge over South Washtenaw Avenue, a signal bridge, a bridge over South California Avenue, and a bridge over South Marshall Avenue, and then beneath another steel trestle viaduct of the CTA "Elevated" just east of the Metra Douglas Park station and the CTA Kedzie station. The speed limit rises to 70-40 at MP 5.7, where there is a signal bridge, crossovers on two bridges over streets (South Albany Avenue, South Troy Street), another signal bridge above the last street, bridges over South Kedzie Avenue and South Sawyer Avenue, a cantilever signal bridge with east-facing signals, three bridges over streets (South Spaulding Avenue, South Christiana Avenue, and South Homan Avenue), a bridge over a street intersection (South Trumbull Avenue and an east-west street at the same location),  and a cantilever signal bridge with west-facing signals.

There are bridges over South Drake Avenue, South Central Park Avenue, South Millard Avenue, South Lawndale Avenue, South Ridgeway Avenue, and a cantilever signal bridge with east-facing signals as West 23rd Street comes alongside to the south. There are bridges over South Hamlin Avenue, South Pulaski Road, South Keeler Avenue, and South Kostner Avenue, and crossovers, west of which a connector departs to the southwest (southeast quadrant) to join the Belt Railway of Chicago just east of the bridge carrying the BRC and the Manufacturers Junction lines above the main line, a connector in the southwest quadrant trials in, Ogden Avenue, West 26th Street and then SR 50 pass below, the Cicero Metra station (which has umbrella sheds on its platforms, which are on the outer tracks only) is to the west of those bridges, at the signal bridges and crossovers at Cicero (MP 7.0), where the Four Main Tracks reduce to Three.

The track westward is triple, rather than double, and a frequent service of bi-level commuter trains known as "Dinkies" provides an hourly off-peak service all day long, along with a peak services that utilizes all three tracks to provide a mix of stopping, skip-stop, and express services to and from Chicago.