Waukegan to Rondout/Leithton

From the end of the line in industrial tracks, and junction with the former C&NW North line at Waukegan (MP 73.08), the line heads south, single track, Yard Limits, Track Warrant Control,  unsignaled (dark territory), maximum speed 45 mph, with 20 mph restrictions through turnouts, on the east side of the UP line, past the EJ&E Waukegan yard (MP 72.0), turning just west of due south, southwest, bridging over the UP North line and the route of the erstwhile North Shore Waukegan line at North Chicago (MP 69.48), and then over the route of the erstwhile North Shore main line to Wilwaukee, turning south at the end of Yard Limits at North Chicago (MP 69.00), turning west-southwest, past the northeast quadrant connector and flat crossing with the former C&NW freight line at Upton (MP 67.1), extra track to the north, starting at MP 66.1, trailing in just before the flat crossing with southeast and southwest quadrant connectors, with the Milwaukee North line at Rondout (MP 65.5), where there is a tower in the southeast corner of the crossing, south-southwest, west, west-southwest to the flat crossing, with northwest and southwest quadrant connectors, with the Canadian National (former Wisonsin Central, original Soo Line) at Leithton (MP 60.3), start of a 4,350 ft. north-side siding, with crossover at MP 59.8, extending to MP 59.3, heading just south of due west.

Since the merger with the Canadian National, the northwest quadrant connector at Leithton has assumed great importance in the flow of CN trains to and from the north, using the EJ&E to avoid the congestion of Chicago.