Calumet Park/State Line to Gibson Yard

From CP Calumet Park (MP 7.1), where an extra track to the north and two extra tracks to the south all start, the erstwhile Calumet City Yard, on the north side, a wye on the north side with the IHB line north to Burnham, Colehour and North Hammond, and the border between Illinois and Indiana, the line heads east-southeast, single track, CTC, maximum speed 30 mph, past the end of the extra track to the north, the flat crossings with the double track NS (former Nickel Plate) at Hohman Avenue (MP 5.4), where there is a grade crossing with the eponymous avenue, crossovers with the two extra tracks to the south, and the maximum speed rises to 40 mph, a grade crossing with Sohl Street, the west end of Gibson Yard at Columbia Avenue (MP 4.0), where a bridge carries the eponymous avenue overhead, the tracks to the south running into Gibson Yard to the south, with 13 through tracks and six west-facing stub end tracks, the junction with the former Michigan Central, on the north side, at CP MC Connection (MP 2.8), where there is a connection to the east-end yard leads, which lead to the junctions of various IHB lines (legs of the Kankakee Line) on the wye at the east end of Gibson Yard, and the wye north of a flat crossing with the former MC, on the east side at CP Gibson (MP 2.2)