Spaulding/Munger to West Chicago/Eola

From the flat crossing, with southwest and southeast quadrant connectors, with the Milwaukee West line at Tower B17/Spaulding (MP 37.5), where Automatic Block Signals and a 7,000 ft. west-side siding start, with the end of the siding at MP 36.1, the line heads just west of due south, single track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 45 mph, with 20 mph restrictions through turnouts, past the northeast quadrant connector with the Illinois Central Iowa line at Munger (MP 35.5), where the EJ&E bridges over that line (MP 35.0), and the former crossing with the erstwhile Chicago, Aurora & Elgin, at Wayne (MP 33.0), turning south-southeast, where a former C&NW freight line comes alongside to the west.

There is a 13,400 ft. west-side siding, from MP 31.8, past the junction with a stub of the former CGW on the east side at Ingalton (MP 31.0), where the erstwhile CGW once bridged overhead, a crossover at MP 30.1, and another former crossing with the erstwhile Chicago, Aurora & Elgin, turning south, past a C&NW (UP) crossing, to the siding end and flat crossing with the C&NW (UP) West line at West Chicago (MP 28.9), where there is a tower operated by the EJ&E, a flat crossing with the original Burlington line from West Chicago to Aurora, a jog south-southwest, past Warrenhurst (MP 24.5), and then south again, past the former crossing with the erstwhile Chicago, Aurora & Elgin, at Electric Junction (MP 23.0), the 5,100 ft. west-side siding at Eola (MP 22.6 to MP 21.6), with a northwest quadrant connector to the former Burlington main line off the siding, a bridge over that line, and a southwest quadrant connector from that line, onto the 1,900 ft. west-side East Siding, from MP 21.1 to MP 20.6.