Pacific Junction to Cragin

At Tower A5 (Pacific Junction, MP 5.4, tower still standing on the east side), a freight track heads away to the east, the two-track Milwaukee North line continues straight ahead, and the Milwaukee West line heads to the west, Three Main Tracks, ABS, overall speed limit 70 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for others, with a 15 mph speed limit around the connecting tracks at Tower A5 with a north-west quadrant connector trailing in on the north side. The line passes five bridges over north-south streets, a signal bridge, three bridges over north-south streets, Hermosa (MP 5.9), an erstwhile (removed) flat crossing with the former C&NW freight tracks at CNW Crossing (MP 6.4), and a signal bridge before the Belt Railway of Chicago (BRC) trails in on the south side from the same north-south alignment as the C&NW, passing south of the two side platforms at the Metra station at Cragin (MP 7.0), with all track bridging over a north-south street and passing a signal bridge, and trailing in at the east end of the crossovers west of the station.