Maynard to Dyer

At Maynard (CSX MP 25.5)/Munster (GTW MP 31.1), the north-south Monon line once crossed the northwest-east-southeast GTW at grade, and in 2006 there is a connector in the southwest corner of that former crossing (with the route of the abandoned line northwards still quite visible), where the CSX line turns away south and the GTW line continues east-southeast. The PRR Chicago to Cincinnati line, that once used the north side of Chicago Union Station, once crossed the Monon at Airline Junction (CSX MP 25.4) and the GTW on the east side of its Munster, just east of the Monon/GTW flat crossing.

The CSX line, run by Direct Traffic Control (DTC), speed limit 50 mph, passes a grade crossing immediately south of the junction, a rail-served warehouse on the east side and a warehouse on the west side, MP 26, new housing on both sides (in Munster), Intermediate Signals (MP 27), an acute-angled grade crossing with a north-south street, and then the town of Dyer on both sides, and curves towards the south-southeast, past an acute-angled grade crossing with SR 41, before reaching Dyer (MP 27.6), where there is an Amtrak station (with Amshack on the west side of the line), and then a Michigan Central single-track line and an EJ&E double-track line cross at grade. The line continues south-southeast, past a grade crossing and Dyer Siding (MP 29.0), where the speed limit is 40 mph. The route is entirely single track, and this segment is the Dyer Block for DTC purposes.