IC Connections to South Chicago/CP 509

From the bridge over the four tracks of the Metra Electric and the four tracks of the IC Main Line at Burnside, with northeast and southeast quadrant connectors, the northeast onto the Third Rail Siding and the southeast to the CRL, a bridge over Woodlawn Avenue, the lines on the north side trailing in, and crossovers at  Pullman Junction (MP 19.5)where a connector to the south joins the NS and the CRL, with the NS turning away south-southeast, and the CRL continuing east alongside the BRC, the latter heads east, double track, CBS, Yard Limits, maximum speed 25 mph, past a bridge over Stony Island Avenue, a lead on the south side (but north of the CRL) to the west end of the 18-track South Chicago Yard (MP 20.9), which lies between the BRC and the CRL.

There are bridges over Jeffery Avenue, Paxton Avenue, Yates Avenue, and Colfax Avenue, a  junction with the former Rock Island at a wye on the south side of the yard (off the CRL), and bridges over Manistee Avenue and Escanaba Avenue, before all the tracks (including the CRL) come together at the east end of South Chicago Yard, Rock Island Junction, where the line bridges over Commercial Avenue, the junction with a connector to the former Conrail Chicago Line at its CP 509, and a BRC Branch to South Deering Yard, after which there is a bridge carrying the Calumet Skyway on an overhead structure, a bridge carrying both the former PRR and erstwhile NYC double track line overhead, as the BRC turns northeast, and a junction with the Elgin, Joilet & Eastern at South Chicago (MP 23.0), location of the EJ&E South Chicago Yard.