Hohman Avenue (Hammond) to Griffith

From the junctions with the parallel (and end-on to the north) Nickel Plate, east-west B&OCT and parallel Monon at State Line Tower, Hammond, the double track, current-of-traffic, Automatic Block Signals, heads south-southeast, maximum speed 75 mph for passenger trains on tangent track, 70 mph for passenger trains on curves not otherwise restricted, and 50 mph for freight trains, past a 20 mph speed restriction across the Hammond Drawbridge over the Grand Calumet River, the flat crossing (20 mph on the crossing) with the east-west Michigan Central, and separation from the Monon (heading south, on the west side) and Nickel Plate (heading southeast, on the east side, at Hohman Avenue (MP 248.3), a 25 mph speed restriction from Hohman Avenue to Douglas Street, HY Tower (MP 246.8), a 40 mph speed restriction from Douglas Street to  165th Street, the flat crossing with the north-south NYC at ND Tower (MP 243.6), and a 50 mph speed restriction to 173rd Street, to the junctions and flat crossings (40 mph on the crossings on the eastward track and 45 mph on the crossings on the westward track) with the Grand Trunk, from the west-northwest and east-southeast, C&O, to the east-southeast,  Michigan Central, from the west-southwest and east-northeast, and EJ&E, from the west-southwest, north and east, at Griffith (MP 240.2), where the Erie turns south-southeast.