Griffith to Cavanaugh

Since the Canadian National takeover of the EJ&E, the connector at Griffith has become a major traffic connection point between two segments of the CN.

From the flat crossing, with southeast and northeast quadrant connectors (the latter instgalled in 2010), with the former Grand Trunk Western at Griffith (MP 36.2), where there were once also flat crossings with the joint Erie/C&O of Indiana (with south quadrant connector), and among the MC and all of the other lines, and the EJ&E turns north, ABS again, with a stub of the erstwhile EJ&E Porter line remaining to the east-northeast, with a wye connection to it from the former GTW, the EJ&E heads north, double track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 45 mph, with 20 mph restrictions through turnouts, past the end of Yard Limits at MP 36.5, a crossover at MP 39.2, and the flat crossings, with southwest and southeast quadrant connectors, with the former Nickel Plate at Van Loon (MP 39.8).

There is a crossover at MP 40.2, Sand Pit, the flat crossings, with southwest quadrant connector, with the former Michigan Central, and flat crossings, with northwest quadrant connector, with the Indiana Harbor Belt, and start of CTC, at Ivanhoe (MP 41.8), a bridge carrying the South Shore overhead, a bridge over the Grand Calumet River, and the wye on the west side with the Calumet District (south switch MP 42.8, Cavanaugh, MP 43.2, north switch MP 43.3).