Grand Crossing to Pullman Junction/Calumet Yard

From the junction with the New York Central Railroad's tracks heading southeast from Englewood, at JN Tower (MP 514.1), the double track (current-of-traffic), absolute block signals, maximum speed 70 mph for passenger trains and 60 mph for freight trains, but local restriction 10 mph on the westward track and 15 mph on the eastward track in the JN Tower interlocking, and then 55/45 to 95th Street, with a further 20 mph speed restriction on curves to the east end of the bridge over the Illinois Central, the Nickel Plate line descends along the north side of the NYC, turning south to pass beneath the NYC and the PRR viaducts, on the west side of the Illinois Central tracks, and then rising up to cross over the entirety of those tracks, with a 40 mph speed restriction on curves, from the east end of the bridge over the Illinois Central to 93rd Street, connecting to them from the east side at IC Junction/Grand Crossing (MP 512.6), and then turning south-southeast, past a 30 mph restriction on the 93rd Street curve, to the flat crossings with the east-west tracks of the Belt Railway of Chicago, Chicago & Western Indiana, and Chicago Rail Link, at 95th Street Cabin (MP 511.6), continuing south-southeast, with the C&WI on the east side, to Calumet Yard (MP 510.4), on the west side of the line.