Gibson Yard to Ivanhoe

From the junctions of various IHB lines (legs of the Kankakee Line) on the wye at the east end of Gibson Yard, and the wye north of a flat crossing with the former MC, on the east side at CP Gibson (MP 2.2), the main line continues east, single track, CTC, maximum speed 40 mph, past a connection from the south leg of the Kankakee Line (the east wye), where Tracks 3 and 4 (30 mph) split off on the north side, a bridge carrying Kennedy Avenue overhead, the flat crossings with northwest quadrant connector, with the EJ&E at Ivanhoe (MP 0.0), where the IHB main line ends and track 4 (with Track 3 trailing in on the north side) continues east, past erstwhile industrial tracks on the north side in Gary, a former bridge over the erstwhile PRR Fort Wayne lineeast-facing industrial tracks on the north side in Gary, a turn northeast, and a bridge over the stub end of the former Wabash, to more industrial tracks.

The IHB once continued over bridges crossing the South Shore, EJ&E, B&O and NYC, turning east on the south side of the US Steel Plant to continue east, along the north side of the NYC to the National Steel plant adjacent to CP 487 on the Water-level Route.