Osborn and Gibson Yard to Hick/Indiana Harbor

From the junctions of various IHB lines (legs of the Kankakee Line) on the wye at the east end of Gibson Yard, and the wye north of a flat crossing with the former MC, on the east side at CP Gibson (MP 3.8), the Kankakee Line heads north, single track becoming double track, Yard Limits, maximum speed 25 mph, except 10 mph on the start of double track at MP 3.2, past a bridge carrying the South Shore line overhead, a bridge carrying the Indiana Tollway (I-80) overhead, a bridge over the Grand Calumet River, the angled flat crossing with southwest quadrant connector, with the EJ&E at Grasselli (MP 2.8), with crossover and grade crossing with 151st Street within the junction, grade crossings with 149th Street, 148th Street, and Chicago Avenue, and the flat crossing with northwest quadrant connector with the B&OCT, and with the EJ&E line, trailing in on the east side and departing to the GATX Shops, Whiting Yard and various industries, on the west side,  at Calumet (MP 1.9), where the tower is in the southeast quadrant.

There is a grade crossing, extra track on the east side, the 25-track yard on the east side of the line at Michigan Avenue (MP 1.4), a grade crossing with Michigan Avenue, a turn east-northeast, a grade crossing with Dickey Road, the end of the extra track on the east side and a north-facing connection from Cast Armor Yard on the west side, at CP 100 (MP 0.2), crossovers and spurs into a steel mill to the northwest, a former bridge over the erstwhile PRR Fort Wayne line, and CP Indiana Harbor (MP 0.0), where one leg turns northwest to connect to the former NYC (Water-level Route) at Hick/CP 502, another leg turns northeast to bridge over the NYC and EJ&E lines to reach the Inland Steel Mill on Lake Michigan, and a third leg turns east to trail into the south side of the Wtaer-level Route..

From the junctions of various IHB lines (legs of the Kankakee Line) on the wye at the east end of Gibson Yard at CP Gibson (MP 3.8), the line heads south, double track, CTC, maximum speed 25 mph, past a crossover, a grade crossing at Roundhouse Crossing, the south leg of the west side wye at Osborn Junction (MP 4.1), a grade crossing with 165th Street, the flat crossings, with northeast, northwest, and southwest quadrant connectors, with the double track former Nickel Plate at Osborn (MP 4.8), a bridge carrying 169th Street overhead, the former angled flat crossing with northeast quadrant connector with the erstwhile Erie/C&O of Indiana line at Highland Crossing, and the end-on junction with the former NYC Kankakee Line at CP Highland  (MP 7.2).