Elsdon to Hayford

From the 5,280 ft. east-side siding at Esldon (MP 8.8), where the single track Corwith lead from the former Santa Fe Corwith Yard, trails in from the north on the west side, the single track line heads south, bridging over 51st Street within the siding, past Glendale (MP 9) at the south end of the siding, where Automatic Block Signals begin, maximum speed 65 mph for passenger trains, 60 mph for intermodal trains, and 55 mph for freight trains, a bridge over 59th Street, the 5,060 ft. east-side, Hayford Siding, from 59th Street (MP 10), bridging over 63rd Street and 67th Stree, past Chicago Lawn and MP 11, ending at Marquette Park, and a grade crossing with 71st Street, before reaching the northwest quadrant connector (15 mph on the connector) to the Belt Railway of Chicago  (to Clearing Yard) and the flat crossing (50 mph on the crossing) with the four BRC tracks, and southwest quadrant connector (15 mph on the connector), at Hayford (MP 11.8).