East Chicago Yard to Pine Junction

From the west leg of the wye with the CSX Chicago Bids Terminal, on the north side at Whiting Junction, nine yard tracks to the south and five yard tracks to the north, and the east leg of the wye on the north side at Baring Avenue, east end of the yard, the line continues east, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 40 mph, past grade crossing with Baring Avenue, Magoun Avenue, Indianapolis Avenue, Todd Avenue, and Railroad Avenue, the signaled flat crossing with the IHB at Republic (MP 3.2), a bridge over the Indiana Harbor Canal, a west-facing spur on the south side, an east-facing spur on the north side, signals, a crossover, a grade crossing with Kennedy Avenue, a northwest quadrant connector for the flat crossings with the double track IHB at Calumet Tower (MP 2.6, tower in the southeast quadrant), a flat crossing with the EJ&E, and the other crossover and signals.

There is a grade crossing with Euclid Avenue, the east-facing National Spur on the north side, west-facing Intermediate Signals at MP 1.5, east-facing Intermediate Signals at MP 1.4, a bridge carrying Cline Avenue (SR 912) overhead, a grade crossing with Industrial Highway (US 12), signals, a crossover, the flat crossing (with erstwhile northwest and southwest quadrant connectors) with the former PRR Fort Wayne Line, and signals, at Clarke Junction (MP 0.4), and the junction with the former Wabash, heading southeast, and signals and  the junction with a connector (CSX Lake sub.) from the Water-level Route (at its CP 501) and end-on junction with the former B&O main line at Pine Junction (MP 0.0), with the Water-level Route alongside to the north, where the EJ&E bridges overhead.