Dolton Junction to Thornton Junction

At Dolton Jct (MP 16.7), flat crossings are made with four tracks of CSX (ex-B&OCT) and IHB, with a signal bridge on those lines east of the crossing, connections trailing in from CSX in the southwest quadrant and IHB in both southwest and southeast quadrants. The UP 2MT, CTC, now 20 mph, line continues due south, past a grade crossing with 142nd Street, housing on both sides, a grade crossing at 144th Street, 144th Street (MP 17.2), an intermodal lift on the west side and industry on the east side, extra tracks on both east and west sides and then eight extra tracks on the east side, a road bridge overhead (likely 145th Street), 145th Street (MP 17.6), where a diesel shop lies on the west side of the line, Haney, where the tracks fan out on the east side at the north end of the yard, Yard Center (MP 18.0), where the eponymous yard lies on the east side of the line as far as 159th Street, with two groups of at least eight tracks each on the east side and extra track on the west side, Intermediate Signals at Sibley Boulevard (MP 18.1), the yard tower on the east side, a bridge over a river, and then yard tracks trailing in on the east side, Intermediate Signals at 159th Street (South Holland) (MP 19.4), a bridge over a street below, and signals and crossovers at  162nd Street (MP19.8), north of the connector in the northeast quadrant to the GTW line heading east (and the CSX line sharing that track from this point) at Thornton Junction (MP 20.1), where there is a flat crossing with that double track GTW line.