Cicero to La Grange (ex-CB&Q)

West of the crossovers at Cicero (MP 7.0), there is a signal bridge, and the track is triple, rather than double. A frequent service of bi-level commuter trains known as "Dinkies" provides an hourly off-peak service all day long, along with a peak services that utilizes all three tracks to provide a mix of stopping, skip-stop, and express services to and from Chicago. The line continues west-southwest, and the speed limit is 70 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freight. The huge Cicero Yard occupies both sides of the line as far as Clyde, with the Clyde Diesel Shop in the southwest corner of the yard. The yard once had 17 reception tracks and 42 classification tracks, before the hump was closed in October, 1997. The yard is now used for intermodal, replacing Western Avenue Yard for that purpose. Laramie Street bridges overhead at the east end of the current yard, west of the intermodal parking area on the south side of the line, which has Ogden Boulevard running alongside to the south. A footbridge crosses overhead in the middle of the yard, there is a Metra station (Clyde) with platforms on the outer tracks only, South Austin Boulevard passes below, and there is a signal bridge where the west end of the yard trails in on the south side at Clyde (MP 8.5). There is a corrugated shed with four east-facing tracks on the north side of the line.

There is a tower on the south side, the IC westward line bridges overhead near IC's Berwyn location, and there is another Metra station (platforms on the outer tracks only) and signal bridges surrounding crossovers at La Vergne (MP 9.0). There is a grade crossing at East Avenue, Stanley Avenue runs alongside to the north and Windsor Avenue to the south.. The speed limit rises to 70-45 at the Metra station at Berwyn (MP 9.6), with platforms on the outer tracks only, where there is a grade crossing (Oak Park Avenue) within the platforms, and two grade crossings to the west (Grove Avenue, Horne Avenue), there are Metra stations at Harlem [Avenue] (MP 10.0), with parking meters on the streets and a grade crossing to its west (SR 43), Intermediate Signals (signal bridge) a grade crossing (North Delaplane Avenue), a bridge over South Herbert Avenue, and two more grade crossings (South Cowley Road, Woodside Road), and at Riverside (MP 11.0), which has umbrella sheds on its platforms, parking to the southwest of the station, and Pine Avenue alongside to the north, Intermediate Signals (signal bridge), a bridge over the Des Plaines River, a road (SR 171) passing beneath, and Metra stations at Hollywood (MP 11.7), which has a grade crossing (Hollywood Avenue) within its platforms, and at Brookfield (MP 12.3), with Brookfield Avenue alongside to the north and Burlington Avenue alongside to the south, with four extra tracks on the north side, followed by a grade crossing (Prairie Avenue), Intermediate Signals (signal bridge), and a grade crossing.

There is a small yard,  extra track on the south side, a Metra station, and crossovers surrounded by signal bridges at Congress Park (MP 13.0), west of which there are connectors in both the northeast and southeast quadrants to the Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB) line passing below adjacent to IHB's La Grange location, with North Tilden Avenue on its west side, also below the line.