Broadview to Munger

From the northeast quadrant connector with the Indiana Harbor Belt at Broadview (MP 14.7), the line singles and  bridges over 25th Avenue, past Intermediate Signals at MP 15.2, and bridges over the four track IHB, and continues west-northwest, still in Yard Limits, maximum speed 40 mph, past bridges over Gardner Road, Roosevelt Road, Westchester Boulevard and Mannheim Road, the end of Yard Limits at MP 16, a former crossing with the erstwhile Chicago, Aurora & Elgin, an erstwhile west-facing spur to Bellwood, on the north side, a west-facing spur on the south side at Hillside, a turn just north of due west and then northwest at Elmhurst (MP 19.3), where there were once crossings with the erstwhile CA&E and Chicago Great Western, past a bridge carrying the C&NW West line overhead, a turn west-northwest again, an erstwhile west-facing spur from Addison, on the north side at South Addison (MP 22.0), the North DuPage Industry lead, heading away north, another east-facing spur on the north side, Swift, Cloverdale, a west-facing spur on the south side at Carol Stream (MP 29.6), Schicks Crossing, Granger, and the junction (northeast quadrant connector) with the EJ&E, bridging overhead at Munger (MP 35.7).

Since the Canadian National takeover of the EJ&E, most traffic on the former IC Iowa line has used the EJ&E to/from Munger, to reach other CN yards on the southeast side of Chicago.