Bridgeport to Broadview

From the junction with the IC Joliet line at Bridgeport (MP 4.4), the line heads just south of due west, double track, current-of-traffic, CTC, maximum speed 25 mph, past a bridge over Ashland Avenue, a bridge over Robinson Street, a connection into the IMX intermodal yard on the north side, with the former Santa Fe single track starting (splitting off) alongside to the south at a signaled junction (part of Bridgeport), the junction with the leads from the intermodal ayrd on the north side at IMX (MP 5.5), where the line turns west-southwest, a crossover, a BNSF track trailing in on the north side, a crossover the other way, the flat crossings with the double track Norfolk Southern (former Chicago Junction) and double track B&OCT at Ash Street (MP 5.6), and an east-facing spur on the north side.

There is a turn north-northwest, bridging over the Chicago River, and then west, bridging over Kedzie Avenue, past the former Chicago & Illinois Western joining from the north, east of the flat crossings with a former Santa Fe industrial track at IN Crossing (MP 7.1), a grade crossing with Lawndale Avenue, an east-facing spur on the south side, a crossover, the separation of the former C&IW on the south side, a grade crossing with Pulaski Road, Crawford Yard on the south side, with connections in and out at MP 8, the flat crossings, with northeast and southwest quadrant connectors, with the Belt Railway of Chicago at Belt Crossing (MP 8.3), where the former C&IW turns away south, west of the crossings, Yard Limits start, and the maximum speed drops to 20 mph, a west-facing connection from the Manufacturers Junction on the north side, and crossovers at a bridge over Cicero Avenue.

The 17-track yard lies on the south side at Hawthorne (MP 9.0), with a bridge over Laramie Avenue at its east end, with a crossover at MP 9.91 at the west end of the yard, a bridge over 59th Avenue, Intermediate Signals at  MP 10, where the maximum speed returns to 25 mph, a turn north-northwest, bridges over Austin Avenue and Ogden Avenue, near their intersection, a bridge over Lombard Avenue, an angled bridge in an embankment, over the triple-track former CB&Q main line, bridges over Ridgeland Avenue and East Avenue, Intermediate Signals surrounding Berwyn (MP 11.1), a bridge over Oak Park Avenue, grade crosisngs with Riverside Drive and Harlem Avenue, and a spur to the north at the grade crossing at 26th Street, heading for Forest Park.

There are grade crossings with Veterans Drive, Hainsworth Avenue and Des Plaines Avenue, Intermediate Signals at Riverside (MP 12.8/.9), a bridge over the Des Plaines River, grade crossings with Cermak Road and 1st Avenue, two extra tracks and an east-facing spur on the north side, from Tuxedo Park to Hines, a grade crossing with 17th Avenue, and the northeast quadrant connector with the Indiana Harbor Belt at Broadview (MP 14.7), where the line singles and  bridges over 25th Avenue, past Intermediate Signals at MP 15.2, and bridges over the four track IHB and the maximum speed rises to 40 mph..