Blue Island Junction to Dolton Junction (via Blue Island Yard)

From the flat crossings with the double track Grand Trunk Western at Blue Island Junction (GTW Tower/Interlocking, MP 15.2), including a grade crossing with Broadway and crossovers to the B&OCT to the east, where the maximum speed drops to 25 mph, the line continues south, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 40 mph, past the bridge carrying the Metra Rock Island Line overhead, the three track Old Blue Island Yards to the west, Intermediate Signals at MP 14.5, 139th Street (MP 14.4), where there is a north-facing spur on the east side, a bridge carrying the eponymous street overhead,  a turn to the east (Spudhouse Curve), with a lead from the yards alongside to the west/south, a pedestrian bridge overhead, a grade crossing with Western Avenue, the yard lead trailing in on the south side, a crossover, and the flat crossing with northeast and southwest quadrant connectors, with the B&OCT at CP Harvey (MP 13.7), where the maximum speed rises to 40 mph.

There is a grade crossing with Seely Avenue, a hump lead for Blue Island Yard splitting off on the south side, a crossover, and another hump lead splitting off on the south side, the two running tracks passing around the north side of Blue Island Yard, a grade crossing with Thornton Road, No. 2 West Yard Track splitting off to the south, I-57 passing overhead, a bridge carrying Ashland Avenue (MP 13.0) overhead, a wye on the north side, Blue Island Yard to the south, another track splitting off to the south, a bridge carrying Halsted Street overhead, four east yard leads at Stewart Avenue (MP 11.7), where the eponymous street does not cross the tracks, crossovers at School Street (MP 11.3), where the maximum speed drops to 15 mph and the yard leads connect in on the south side, a bridge carrying School Street overhead, and a bridge carrying the Metra Electric and Illinois Central Main Line overhead.

One yard lead continues east, on the south side, past a grade crossing with Indiana Street, the yard lead connecting in and becoming a southwest quadrant connector, a crossover, Dolton Tower to the south, an NS line (the former PRR Panhandle) trailing in on the north side, that once continued southeast across the formation, the B&OCT coming alongside to the north, with a spur crossing on the flat, and the flat crossings with southeast quadrant connector, and crossover, with the double track UP (former C&EI) at Dolton (MP 10.6), where  west of the UP crossings, and  the maximum speed rises to 30 mph.