Blue Island/Barr Yard/Dolton Junction to East Chicago Yard

There are connections from the Indiana Harbor Belt, which crosses over the GTW at this point, from the west, and a crossover at Blue Island Junction (MP 15.0), a bridge carrying the Metra Rock Island Line overhead as the line turns east, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 30 mph, past a grade crossing with Western Avenue, a wye on the south side at Harvey Junction (MP 14.1), where the line to Harvey heads south, with a grade crossing with Chatham Street just east of the west leg of the wye, and crossovers at the east leg of the wye, a bridge over the Calumet River, crossovers at Roll Avenue (MP 13.9), the west end of Barr Yard (which is on the south side of the Two Main Tracks, with I-57 bridging overhead, a bridge over Ashland Avenue, and a bridge over Halsted Street.

There is a bridge carrying the tracks of the Metra Electric and Illinois Central Main Line overhead, with a northeast quadrant connector joining with the rump of the former PRR Panhandle, to trail in on the north side at the crossovers and grade crossing with 137th Street, at Riverdale (MP 11.4), and then splitting off again on the south side, where the maximum speed drops to 20 mph and the line turns south-southeast, past a grade crossing with the intersection of 138th Street and Indiana Avenue, the flat crossings with the double track UP (former C&EI) at Dolton (MP 10.7), where the line turns east with the two tracks of the Indiana Harbor Belt alongside to the south and a northeast quadrant connector from the UP to the B&OCT, at the grade crossing with the intersection of Park Avenue and Lincoln Avenue  (MP 10.3).

The line turns east-southeast and then east again, past a crossover and a connection to the IHB alongside to the south, at CP Cottage Grove (MP 10.4), where the line turns east-southeast and the speed rises to the line's maximum 40 mph, a west-facing spur on the north side, a grade crossing with Cottage Grove Avenue, west-facing Intermediate Signals at MP 9.2, east-facing Intermediate Signals at MP 9.1, bridges carrying I-94 overhead, a grade crossing with Paxton Avenue (near MP 8), a bridge carrying Torrence Avenue overhead, the junction with the IHB Kensington Branch on the north side and a connector from the IHB main line on the south side, both trailing in, a crossover at Calumet Park (MP 7.2), the NS (former Nickel Plate), trailing in on the north side, another crossover, and a connector to the IHB Calumet City Yard, heading away on the south side, where the line turns east and the maximum speed  drops to 30 mph.

Burnham Avenue bridges overhead, and there are flat crossings with the single track IHB and double track NS (former Nickel Plate) at State Line (MP 6.0), where the maximum speed returns to 40 mph, the border between Illinois and Indiana, a grade crossing with Wabash Avenue, crossovers, grade crossings with Sheffield Avenue and Hohman Avenue, Intermediate Signals, grade crossings with Johnson Avenue, Henry Avenue, Torrence Avenue, Calumet Avenue (US 41), and Ash Avenue, a crossover, a grade crossing with Columbia Avenue where a bridge carries the South Shore Line overhead, a bridge carrying the Indiana Tollway (I-90) overhead, extra tracks starting to the north and south at Columbia Avenue  (MP 4.8), west end of the East Chicago Yard, west-facing Intermediate Signals at MP 4.5, east-facing Intermediate Signals at MP 4.4, the west leg of the wye with the CSX Chicago Bids Terminal, on the north side at Whiting Junction, nine yard tracks to the south and five yard tracks to the north, and the east leg of the wye on the north side at Baring Avenue, east end of the yard.