Argo (Clearing Yard) to Chicago Ridge

From an IHB line (the double track Argo Industrial Track) from 55th Street (and formerly from 47th Street, with part of the route now taken by the CTA Orange Line, and from Corwith Yard) trailing in on the east side, crossovers as the line bridges over Archer Avenue, and a wye junction on the east side, with the BRC to Clearing Yard., at CP Argo (MP 27.5/26.8)), the line turns south again, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 40 mph, past the south leg of the wye  and crossovers at CP 71st Street (MP 26.0), where Track 3 starts on the east side and with the "B&O Siding" on the west side), a grade crossing with 71st Street, a bridge carrying 79th Street overhed, the handthrow end of the siding on the west side at 82nd Street (MP 24.5), crossovers and the end of Track 3 at CP 87th Street (MP 23.7), where the eponymous street bridges overhead, a turn southeast, a bridge over 95th Street (MP 22.7), a north-facing spur on the west side, a bridge carrying Harlem Avenue overhead, a south-facing spur on the west side for Resource management Corporation, a bridge carrying Southwest Highway overhead, a crossover, a grade crossing with Ridgeland Avenue, and the flat crossing with north and south quadrant connectors, with the Metra Southwest Line (former Wabash) at CP Ridge (MP 21.2).