Belt Junction/80th Street to IC Connections

The two BRC and Two Metra lines bridge over S. Damen Avenue, S. Wood Street, and Ashland Avenue, before blending together with crossovers at Belt Junction (MP 14.7) to form two tracks that bridge over Loomis Street and Ada Street, and then reforming five tracks, with another crossover, now with two Metra tracks on the north side and three BRC tracks on the south side.

There are bridges over Racine Street, Aberdeen Street, Morgan Street, Peoria Street, Halsted Street, and Union Avenue, before the Metra tracks curve to the north and the BRC tracks curve to the south, with a connecting track (the former C&WI) south from Metra's 74th Street interlocking trailing in on the east side as the lines, now heading south, bridge over 76th Street. Adjacent to the end of 78th Street, at Auburn Park, the 10 mph "NS Stack Connection" begins on the east side, there is a crossover, the westerly tracks trails in on the west side, and the three tracks jog east to pass beneath the angled bridge carrying the two Metra Rock Island tracks overhead, as the line bridges 79th Street, after which there is another crossover and the two UP (former C&WI) tracks split off on the south/west side as the lines bridge over 80th Street (MP 15.6).

There is another crossover with the NS Stack Connection as the line edges just east of due south, double track, Yard Limits, maximum speed 25 mph, with the two UP tracks to the west and the NS track to the east, past a bridge over 81st Street, a maintenance of way grade crossing, where the NS tracks double, a bridge over Vincennes Avenue as the lines curve southeast, the UP tracks turning away south, the NS tracks bridging overhead, and then descending on the southwest side as both lines turn just south of due east, the 12,000 ft. Third Rail Siding beginning on the north side, a bridge over the intersection of Holland Road and 87th Street, the "junction" with Chicago Rail Link, coming from the west on the south side of the NS tracks, at 87th Street (MP 16.9).

There is a bridge over State Street, the Dan Ryan Expressway, and the CTA Red Line in the expressway median, a signal bridge over all six tracks, a bridge over Indiana Avenue, a bridge over Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, a bridge over 93rd Street, a signal bridge over all six tracks, a bridge over the four tracks of the Metra Electric and the four tracks of the IC Main Line at Burnside, with northeast and southeast quadrant connectors, the northeast onto the Third Rail Siding and the southeast to the CRL, a bridge over Woodlawn Avenue, the lines on the north side trailing in, and crossovers at  Pullman Junction (MP 19.5)where a connector to the south joins the NS and the CRL, with the NS turning away south-southeast, and the CRL continuing east alongside the BRC.