55th Street to Hayford (Clearing Yard)

From the double-track junction (northwest quadrant connector to the west end of Clearing Yard) and flat crossing with the BRC Elsdon Branch at 55th Street (MP 8.4), the line continues south, double track, current-of-traffic, Yard Limits, maximum speed 25 mph, past a southeast quadrant connector from the Elsdon Branch, a grade crossing with W 55th Street, an  angled bridge carrying the CTA Orange Line overhead, a crossover, a grade crossing with W 59th Street, a former wye on the west side with an erstwhile BRC line (where Midway Airport now covers the route) to the west end of Clearing Yard, a grade crossing with W 63rd Street, a crossover, the wye on the west side at 67th Street (MP 10.0), at the east end of Clearing Yard, where the line turns east-southeast, with a grade crossing with W. 67th Street just south of the north apex of the wye.

There is a crossover (the other way) just south of the south apex of the wye, an east-facing and three west-facing spurs on the north side, a bridge carrying S. Pulaski Road overhead, seven yard leads at the east end of Clearing Yard to the south, with one trailing in on the south side and the others reducing to two main leads, followed by crossovers among all four tracks, before the junction (northwest and southwest quadrant connectors, for access to Clearing Yard), signal bridge, and flat crossings (four tracks) with the single track north-south Grand Trunk Western at Hayford (MP 11.7), where the line turns east.