22nd Street Yard to 55th Street

At 14th Street (MP 3.6), there is a junction with a southwest quadrant connector from the B&OCT Forest Park line, and a southeast quadrant connector which passes beneath the BRC line, forming two extra tracks on the west side, adjacent to the north end of the BRC 22nd Street Yard on the east side, which has groups of three and six tracks, and a runaround track on the east side, all bridging over 14th Street and 16th Street, while on the west side, the extra tracks connect in and form the junction with the Manufacturers' Junction Railway, on the west side, which connects back in just before the bridge over the CTA Pink Line at the south end of the yard at 22nd Street (MP 4.5), where there is a bridge over the eponymous street and a pedestrian subway.

The line continues south, double track, current-of-traffic, CBS, Yard Limits, maximum speed 25 mph, past a bridge over the Manufacturers' Junction, Ogden Avenue, and five tracks of the former CB&Q, a bridge over W 26th Street, two southwest quadrant connector tracks and one southeast quadrant connector track coming alongside, with the nearer track to the west trailing in at Hawthorne Junction (MP 5.5), where there is a crossover, a bridge carrying W 31st Street overhead, the remaining two connectors trailing in, one on each side, a northeast quadrant connector at the flat crossings with the double track of the Illinois Central Freeport District (Iowa line) at Hawthorne (MP 5.6), and an IC Yard Lead trailing in on the east side at the Wobely Wye.

There is a south-facing spur for Mobil Oil on the west side, Intermediate Signals, a bridge over the Sanitary Canal (extension of the Chicago River), the flat crossing with the double track former Santa Fe Chillicothe line at Nerska (MP 6.7), a bridge carrying the Stevenson Expressway (I-55) overhead, a southeast quadrant connector from the former Santa Fe trailing in on the east side, a crossover, the flat crossing with the double track IC Joliet line at Lemoyne (MP 6.8), a crossover the other way, a southeast quadrant connector from the IC trailing in on teh east side, with a 3,057 ft. siding off that connector trailing in as the line bridges over 47th Street, a north-facing spur for Sulfex on the east side, a crossover at Archer Avenue (MP 7.9), where CBS ends, a grade crossing with Archer Avenue, and the double-track junction (northwest quadrant connector to the west end of Clearing Yard) and flat crossing with the BRC Elsdon Branch at 55th Street (MP 8.4).