Global 1 Yards

Global 1 East (Robey Street Yard)

The former B&O Robey Street Yard, once the site of the B&O's Chicago terminal and locmotive facilities, is now Global 1 East, an intermodal facility with eight yard tracks and one main track to their north, plus six leads on the south side which reduce to three at the west end, alongside the former CB&Q main line west, reducing at the east end to a connection to the St. Charles Air Line at Union Tower, bridging over (from the east) Morgan Street, Racine Avenue, the intersection of Blue Island Avenue and Throop Street, and Loomis Street.  The west end of the yard reduces down to three tracks, which, along with the three other leads, bridge over Paulina Street and pass beneath the bridge carrying the CTA Pink Line. The three leads pass along the south side of the former Wood Street Yard to reach the connections with the former B&OCT.

Global 1 West (Wood Street Yard)

The former C&NW Wood Street Yard, which once had 36 tracks  is now another part of the Global 1 intermodal yard,  with three groups of three tracks each, a group of two tracks curving north from the leads, and a main track passing alongside to the north, which bridge over Wood Street near to the east end, and over Western Avenue before reaching the east apex of the wye at the west end.