Curzon to Fort Steele

The Kingsgate subdivision trails into the Nelson subdivision at Curzon (MP 42.6), and the single track, OCS, line through the forest turns north-northeast at Yahk (MP 41.3), where there is a 7,920 ft. siding, northeast past Ryan (MP 35.0), north-northeast, north and north-northeast to the 2,588 ft. siding at Tochty (MP 30.1), curvily eat-northeast and then north-northeast again, past Aldridge, north past a lake on the west side, the 3,410 ft. siding at Moyie (MP 20.2), Moyie (1st), a detector at MP 18.3, another lake on the west side, Jerome and the Jerome Tunnel, turning west along the north ed of the lake, north-northwest, northeast and north-northwest again past the 3,384 ft. siding at Swansea (MP 9.4).

The line turns north at Lumberton, and northeast past Fassiferne, Silver Creek (MP1.7), an industrial spur trailing in on the north side, the yard at Cranbrook (MP 0.0/107.7), where the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel is on the northwest side of the line, which leaves Cranbrook to the northeast, past Eager (MP 107.0), where an erstwhile CP line once continues northeast, with the Cranbrook sub. turning north past North Star (MP 105.5), the junction with the line to Kimberley, which goes off to the northwest, and turning curvily east-northeast past the 9,200 ft. siding at Riley (MP 100.8) and St Marys to Fort Steele (MP 95.6), where there is a wye with the Windermere subdivision coming in from the north-northwest and the Cranbrook subdivision turns south.