Prince George  to Odell

From its Prince George Yard (MP 462.4), the single track, OCS, line, heads northeast with overall speed limit 65 mph for passenger and 50 mph for freight trains, with local speed limit 25 mph for freights, a 15 mph speed restriction on the road crossing at MP 463.2, and the crossovers at MP 463.5, north end of the yard, turning east past the connection at MP 465.9, both ways with the CN Prince Rupert Line running alongside to the north at its Basford, a 20 mph speed restriction on the road crossing at MP 465.8, where the speed limit rises to 30 mph for freights, the end of Yard Limits at MP 466.0, and continues eastward to turn north and climb over the Prince Rupert line and then the Fraser River on a bridge that rises above both, past the 4,560 ft. siding and yard at Bridge.

The line then climbs out of the river valley to the north, passing a very large mill (Prince George Pulp & Paper) in the process, where there are industrial tracks on both sides of the main line, a 10 mph speed restriction on a road crossing at MP 467.6, a turn west-northwest and then north again, along the west side of the Fraser River, past the 6,360 ft. siding at Nichols (MP 471.0), a road crossing at MP 471.7, MP 472.0, where the freight speed limit rises to 40 mph, Fraserview (MP 472.2), where there are industrial tracks on the east side to Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Northwood Pulp & Paper), a turn northeast, Trainor, a turn north-northeast, the 7,100 ft. siding at Quaw (MP 479.8), a bridge over a side river, a turn northwest, with a speed restriction to 30 mph for freights between MP 481.1 and MP 482.4, and Salmon Valley (MP 484.0).

The line turns north again, past a detector at MP 487.6,  a passenger speed restriction of 50 mph over the road crossing at MP 490.7, Nukko (MP 491.0), where the line angles north-northeast, MP 493.0, where the freight speed limit drops to 35 mph, the 6,700 ft. siding at Odell (MP 495.4), and the junction is at Odell (MP 495.5), where the Dees Lake line, heading west leaves the Fort Nelson main heading north-northeast.