Odell  to Wakely

From the junction at Odell (MP 495.5), where the Dees Lake line, heading west leaves the Fort Nelson main heading north-northeast, the latter continues, single track, OCS, with overall speed limit 65 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freights, but local speed limit 35 mph for freights, past a turn north-northwest Barney (MP 500.4), MP 502.1, where the freight speed limit rises to 50 mph, a turn north-northeast, and then north, the 7,810 ft. siding at McEwan (MP 508.5), the 912 ft. siding at Killy (MP 513.6), a speed restriction of 40 mph between MP 514.8 to MP 515.1, MP 517.9, where the freight speed limit drops to 35 mph, Valde (MP 519.4), a turn northeast, the 6,800 ft. siding at McIntyre (MP 525.1), a turn east, and then northeast again, Minshall (MP 529.9), a detector at MP 532.7, MP 533.9, where the freight speed limit drops to 30 mph as the overhead electric catenary starts, and the 7,960 ft. siding at Tacheeda (MP 534.9), to Wakely (MP 537.2), a junction at which the Tumbler Ridge line leaves the mainline to head east into and across the mountains, while the main line turns north-northwest.