Odell  to Trembleur

The junction is at Odell (MP 0.0), where the Fort Nelson main heads north-northeast and the Dees Lake line, heading west, leaves on the west side, single track, OCS, with overall speed limit 50 mph for passenger trains and 35 mph for freight trains, but a local speed limit of 30 mph for freights, past MP 1.1, where the speed limit for freights rises to 35 mph, Alford (MP 10.1), a speed restriction of 30 mph for freights between MP 16.4 and MP 16.6 as the line turns north and then curvily northwest, the 4,600 ft. siding at Merton (MP 19.9), Kenyon (MP 28.1), where the line turns curvily west, a speed restriction of 20 mph over the bridge between MP 28.2 and MP 28.4, a speed restriction of 30 mph for freights between MP 30.9 and MP 31.1, the 1,700 ft. siding at Liersch (MP 37.5), a bridge over the Salmon River, Bugle (MP 46.0), a turn northwest, two more bridges over the Salmon River, a detector at MP 51.4 as the line comes alongside the north shore of Great Beaver Lake, the 4,220 ft. siding at Carp (MP 54.7), a turn southwest around the end of the lake, and then west, away from the lake, Carrier (MP 63.1), a turn just south of due west, the start of Yard Limits at MP 71.0, the start of the yard at MP 72.1, where there is a 10 mph speed restriction over a road crossing, and the speed limit drops to 25 mph for freights, Fort St. James (MP 72.7), which is the last real settlement along the line, where there is a Canadian Forest Products plant, the end of the yard at MP 73.3, and a speed restriction to 20 mph on a road crossing at MP 73.4 and the line turns northwest, west-northwest, northeast and then curvily northwest past a spur on the east side to Apollo Forest Products Ltd. and one on the west side to Gregory Forest Products Ltd., and the end of Yard Limits at MP 76.0.

West of Ft. St. James, where the overall speed limit drops to 40 mph for passenger trains and 25 mph for freights, the line passes between banks of trees on either side, heading curvily northwest and then curvily west-northwest, past the 4,900 ft. siding at Tachie (MP 99.0), a turn curvily north, along the east bank of the Tachie River, to come alongside the east shore of Trembleur Lake, turning northwest, west and north again, following the shore of the lake, past a detector at MP 116.5, and then curvily west, still following the shore of the lake, southwest to the 5,900 ft siding at Trembleur, and northwest, away from the lake, now following the north bank of the Middle River, past MP 134, which is as far as travel is possible for a passenger train in October, 1997.