Rice to Matthie

At the junction at Rice (MP 140.4), where the Blythe sub. heads away at a wye on the south side, the main line turns east, single track, Track Warrant Control, with speed limit 40 mph, turning east-northeast, past Grommet (MP 131.6), and then curvily east, past the 880 ft. siding at Vidal (MP 120.0), and northeast before reaching Earp (MP 107.3), where a speed restriction of 15 mph begins as the line turns south-southeast across the bridge over the Colorado River from California into Arizona to the yard at Parker (MP 105.8), where the depot is on the south side of the line and the full line speed of 49 mph (the line has no signals) prevails.

The line now heads curvily south, in typical southwestern desert (the Sonoran desert), with the occasional Joshua Tree, and the occasional hill, but mostly just plain dirtódry dirt at that, past Denny, turning east past extra track at La Paz (MP 93.9), and the 2,404 ft. siding at Wall (MP 90.6), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction, and southeast past the 750 ft. siding at Bouse (MP 79.9), where there is a 40 mph speed restriction and a branch from Swansea once trailed in from the northeast, the 1,530 ft. siding at Utting (MP 70.5), where the full line speed prevails, and McVay, turning east at Vicksburg, then south, through a counter-clockwise horseshoe back to the northeast, and east-northeast past Hercuvar, the 1,216 ft. siding at Salome (MP 50.0), the 603 ft. siding at Wenden (MP 44.8), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction, the 2,250 ft. siding at Love (MP 40.0), where the full line speed prevails, Golden, a spur for Martorie Farms (MP 22.6), the 5,156 ft. siding at Agila (MP 22.3), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction, Forepaugh, and Divide, where it turns east, and then turns south and back east again to the junction with the BNSF Phoenix line at the wye on the north side of the line at Matthie (MP 0.0), where the speed restriction is 15 mph.