Matthie to Abra

From the junction with the Arizona & California line at the wye on the north side of the line at Matthie (MP 135.0), where the speed restriction is 20 mph, the single track, TWC, line, with maximum speed 49 mph (no signals), but speed restriction 30 mph on this segment of the line, head north, past Flore, the 3,598 ft. siding at Congress (MP 123.2), where a branch once left on the west side, a sharp turn east and then back north again, Piedmont (MP 116.4), where it turns northwest and then north again, a detector at 113.9, Hawkins, the 6,452 ft. siding at Date (MP 109.7), a turn to the east, the 8,200 ft. siding at Hillside (MP 101.5), Grand View (MP 95.4), a sharp counter-clockwise turn to the northwest and a clockwise turn back to the southeast, and then a turn east, past a detector at MP 88.8.

The scenery now changes from Lower Sonoran Desert (with saguaros) to scrub, as the line turns northeast, past Kirkland (MP 86.8), curvily north pasta short stretch of double track through Skull Valley (MP 80.6/66.2), where the speed restriction rises to 40 mph, where the erstwhile line to Prescott (hence the mileage equation) once continued north while the present line turns west-northwest, and then curvily just east of due north, past a detector at MP 46.9, where the track is single again, and the full line speed prevails, and the 6,262 ft. siding at Tucker (MP 46.2), turning curvily  east past Kayfour (MP 34.4), a location where the Prescott & Arizona Central once crossed on the flat, and turns east-northeast to the 6,188 ft. siding at Abra (MP 28.4), where the rump of the Prescott line trails in from the south, and an earlier right-of-way once headed north-northeast.