Cadiz to Rice

At the yard at Cadiz (MP 190.5), the former Santa Fe branch to Parker and Phoenix, now owned by the Arizona and California, leaves the east-west main line and branches off to the southeast. This Railtex-owned shortline took over the former Santa Fe line between these points several years ago.

The line heads southeast, single track, Track Warrant Control, with speed limit 10 mph, past Chubbuck, and the 400 ft. siding at Fishel (MP 169.2), turning east past the 1,711 ft. siding at Milligan (MP 164.0), where the speed limit has risen to 30 mph, and then southeast again, along the northeast 'shore' of Danby Lake (dry), past Saltmarsh, the 2,846 ft. siding at Sablon (MP 151.0), where the speed limit has risen to the line's maximum 40 mph, and the 2,100 ft. siding at Freda (MP 144.0), turning east-southeast to the junction at Rice (MP 140.4), where the Blythe sub. heads away at a wye on the south side and the main line turns east.