Abra to Drake

From the 6,188 ft. siding at Abra (MP 28.4), where the rump of the Prescott line trails in from the south, and an earlier right-of-way once headed north-northeast, the single track, TWC, line, with maximum speed 49 mph (no signals), the line heads east-northeast, past a location where that original r-o-w once trailed in from the west, and turns north-northeast, past a detector at MP 23.5, where the speed restriction is 40 mph, Hell Canyon, where the line crosses a high bridge, which can be seen from the train arriving and departing, that provides spectacular views as a  train crosses it, and Drake (MP 21.2), where the speed restriction is 30 mph, and the Arizona Central Railroad departs at a wye on the east side, as the line turns north.

Most of the vegetation along the line is scrub with scattered bushes and trees. In many places, there are longer-range views of mountains covered with trees.