Virginia Northeast Corridor Regional Trains
(Trains 66, 67, 71, 78, 82 to 88, 93 to 95, 99, 125, 157 & 174)

Norfolk is served by trains 71, 88, 125, 157, 174

South Norfolk to Norfolk

Suffolk to South Norfolk

Poe to Suffolk

Collier to Poe (Petersburg)

Richmond to Collier

Newport News is served by trains 66,67, 78, 83, 94, 95 & 99 only

Rivanna Junction to Newport News

AR Cabin/Main Street to Rivanna Junction

Richmond to Main Street

All the above trains (except 85 and 87) serve Richmond to Boston or the reverse

Richmond to AF Tower (Alexandria)

AF Tower to Virginia Avenue Junction

Washington Union Terminal (Virginia Avenue Junction to New York Avenue)

New York Avenue to Landover

Landover to Baltimore

Baltimore to Perryville

Perryville to Newark, DE

Newark, DE to Arsenal (Philadelphia)

Zoo Interlocking to Arsenal (Philadelphia)

Zoo Interlocking to North Philadelphia

North Philadelphia to Frankford Junction

Frankford Junction to Trenton

Rahway to Trenton

Hunter to Rahway

Kearney Connection to Hunter

Penn Station (New York City) to Kearney Connection

Penn Station (New York City) to Harold

Harold to New Rochelle

New Rochelle to Stamford

Stamford to Norwalk

Norwalk to Devon

Devon to New Haven

New Haven to New London/Groton

New London/Groton to Providence

Attleboro to Providence

 Canton Junction to Attleboro

 Readville to Canton Junction

 Forest Hills to Readville

 Back Bay to Forest Hills

 South Junction to Back Bay

 Boston South Station