Richmond to Main Street

The Amtrak Staples Mill (Richmond) station has two passenger tracks (3 & 4) on the west side, island and west side platforms with umbrella sheds, and prefabricated depot on the west side, just north of the railroad's Greendale location (GN, MP 4.8 on the RF&P), where there was once a 40 mph speed restriction for northbound trains until the lead locomotive occupied Hermitage Road grade crossing (which appears to have been replaced by an overbridge) and a road bridge overhead.  Between Greendale and AY, all trains are restricted to 25 mph. There are Intermediate Signals at "HR".

South of Dumbarton, the railroad's eight-track and then even wider Acca Yard begins on the east side of the line, with a rail-served wood products yard to the west, and six yard tracks to the west, at North Acca ("Interlocking A", also "NA"), and Richmond (MP 2.4 on the RF&P), past two road bridges overhead, track 4 ends (track 3 continues to AY), with Bryan Park Shops on the west side of the line, two wide road bridges overhead, and the yard ends at a signal bridge ("Interlocking B") just north of signals at AY (MP 1.7 on the RF&P, the former location of a tower), where the main former ACL line turns southwest and the former SAL lines into the center of Richmond continue south-southeast, Two Main Tracks, CTC, with an extra track on the east side and a 50 mph speed restriction for all trains.

There is a south connector trailing in on the west side, a signal bridge, signals at "South AY", a crossover, additional track to the east, a road bridge overhead, two more extra tracks to the east, a spur curving away east on a concrete trestle, signals at Hermitage (MP 3.8N on the former SAL), where the former SAL turns southeast (on the west side), leaving behind the stub of the former ACL line through Richmond, a grade crossing at Hermitage Road, MP 3.5N, where the speed restriction drops to 30 mph for passenger trains and 25 mph for freights, MP 3, a wide road bridge overhead (carrying a freeway), a road bridge overhead and the freeway (I-95) to the west, a turn east, with a grade crossing on the turn, triple road bridges overhead (two plus one), signals with a "G" plate, a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, MP 1.8N, where the speed restriction drops to 20 mph for all trains, a turn south with the former location of the ALCO Richmond works on the east side of the line, a road bridge overhead, dual road bridges overhead, a grade crossing, the "yard" at Brown Street (MP 0.6N), where there are signals and crossovers ("AN Junction") with the former C&O line just to the east (used by the Newport News Amtrak service), MP 0.5N, where the speed restriction drops to 15 mph for the station throat, a road bridge overhead (Marshall Street), a connector to the west, to a line there (the former SAL), a box labeled "W 16th Street" to the west, a road bridge overhead (Broad Street), and the former SAL Main Street station (MP 0.2), with platform and brick depot on the the west side of the former C&O line (with the former SAL passing to their west).