Borie/Speer to La Salle

At the crossovers on the Overland Route, Tracks 1 & 2, at Borie (MP 519.1), the connector (actually, the beginning of the Greeley subdivision) to West Speer diverges on the south side, 2MT, CTC, with speed limit is 30 mph, heading east-southeast, and then turning southeast (with the erstwhile alignment before the construction of the Harriman cutoff continuing east-southeast), West Speer (MP 519.7), where Track 3 of the Overland Route trails in from the west. Tracks 3 & 4 (2MT, CTC, on this alignment) head southeast and then east to the 6,756 ft. center siding at the junction at Speer (MP 518.3), the west apex of a large wye, where the former alignment of the Colorado & Southern (formerly Colorado Central) line trails in from the west-southwest and the Greeley sub. takes the south leg of the wye, turning south (with the prior alignment trailing in from the north), and bridging above the current alignment of the  ex-Colorado & Southern line, with the east leg of the wye trailing in from the north at Speer Junction (MP 97.7), where the 2MT reduce to single track, CTC.

This is the 1908 alignment of the Greeley sub, with the 1870-1908 alignment, which left the main line at the east end of the Cheyenne Yard, running several miles further east. The present line heads just east of south, south-southeast, south, south-southeast past Season, and then south-southwest across the Wyoming-Colorado State Line, crossing the pre-1908 alignment, turning just west of due south past Warrens, south as the original alignment trails in on the west side, and just east of due south, now out on the high plains with speed limit 60 mph, past the 7,716 ft. siding at Carr (MP 86.2-MP 84.6), a detector at MP 82.0, a spur at Dover (MP 77.0), where the speed limit drops to 50 mph, the 8,250 ft. siding at Nunn (MP 73.0-MP 71.2), a detector at MP 67.0, a spur at Pierce (MP 66.7), Stage, and the 8,206 ft. siding at Ault (MP 63.7-MP 62.0).

At Eaton (MP 58.8), there is a junction and flat crossing with the Great Western Railway (stub to the east and line west to Loveland), followed by a detector at MP 57.5, a former siding at Lucerne (MP 55.7-MP 54.2), extra track at Gill (MP 54.6), where branches once headed east to Cloverly, Purcell and Briggsdale, and the line turns south, the 8,349 ft. siding at Greeley (MP 52.5-MP 50.7), where there is a junction with the former Colorado & Southern line west to Fort Collins, Garden City (MP 49.8), where the line turns just west of south and a Denver, Laramie & Northwestern line once headed south-southwest, a spur at Evans (MP 48.3), a bridge over the South Platte River, and the 8,800 ft. siding beginning at La Salle (MP 47.2), where the ten-mile Monfort Industrial Lead trails in from the east-northeast at a wye on the east side as the line turns southwest.