(CP Bloom and) Willow Grove to Braddock

At CP Bloom (former CR Pittsburgh Line MP 351.6), the connecting track to the former B&O line (used by Amtrak's Capitol Limited) departs on the northeast side of the line, passing two grade crossings, and reaching the ex-B&O from the southwest side at Willow Grove (MP 2.6). The former B&O single track line, with speed limit 20 mph, turns south-southeast and passes beneath the former CR line, a road bridge high overhead, a road "bridge" running parallel on the northeast side, up the valley wall, and a road bridge high overhead, and then passes through Panther Hollow Tunnel, passing two road bridges overhead, FY Tower (MP 1.6) and Field (MP 1.0), where the speed limit is 30-10, before turning south-southwest, past a steel road bridge overhead just after emerging from a wooded valley, through the inner city, with speed limit rising to 35 mph, past East Schenley (MP 0.0/326.3), where double track starts, with speed limit 30 mph across the switch, a street alongside to the north, four grade crossings, a footbridge overhead, a grade crossing, and a wooded area to the northeast of the line, to reach the banks of the Monongahela River at Laughlin Junction (MP 325.1), where there are signal bridges and crossovers, a road bridge overhead, and two grade crossings, the ex-B&O line from Grant Street Station trails in from the north and the line turns south, with speed limit 25 mph.

The line passes a signal bridge, 2nd Avenue, a street alongside to the east, three grade crossings, Marion Junction (MP 324.9), where the line into the north end of Glenwood Yard departs on the west side (along the river bank), and Glenwood (MP 323.4), where the yard is alongside to the west and the speed limit rises to 40 mph, and turns east to the crossovers at  Glenwood Junction (MP 323.0), where the yard ends and the former B&O line from Washington, PA, trails in from the southwest, across the river. The line now turns northeast, following the north bank of the river, and then southeast, passing between portions of the Edgar Thompson Works, a steel mill of USX (formerly United States Steel) that lies along the river bank, with many yard tracks on the north side, to Denniston, where a Union Railroad connector departs, and the line abandons the former right-of-way of the B&O (from here to Sinns) for a jog to the south, with speed limit 30 mph, to pick up the route of the former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, coming across the river from the west to a junction at Rankin-Braddock (MP 319.0), on the river side of another portion of the Edgar Thompson Works at Braddock.