CP 181 to CP White (Cleveland)

At Cleveland, the route of the Capitol Limited turns away from the former New York Central "Water-level Route" to head for Pittsburgh. East of Cleveland, this line is in darkness for trains in both directions (barring exceptional lateness, of course). At the crossovers at CP 181 (MP 0.5 on the Amtrak Connecting Track), a single track connector, speed limit 30 mph on the south side of the Water-level Route connects with crossovers at CP 122 (MP 0.5/122.0) on the former PRR Cleveland Line, before the latter climbs away from the lake and turns away southeast.

The double track, 40 mph, Cleveland Line, passes Alabama (MP 121.8) and detectors at MP 121.7 (East 26th Street), where the speed limit is 20 mph, turns from east-northeast to southeast (with speed limit 20 mph on the curve) where a line once continued ahead to East 55th Street on the Water-level Route, and passes Euclid Avenue, bridges over the ex-Nickel Plate and an adjacent RTA line and under another RTA line, and turns south. The Randall Secondary trails in from the north-northeast just before the flat crossing with the former Erie at CP Erie Crossing (MP 116.9), and there is another flat crossing, with the former Wheeling & Lake Erie, at CP Harvard (MP116.0), as the line turns southeast again, with speed limit now 50-40, bridging over the former Cleveland Short Line, a connection from which ascends on the southwest side (or the Cleveland Line descends, or both) to a connection at CP White (MP 114.2). On the way, there is a 40 mph speed restriction from MP 115.8 to 115.4.