Amtrak Trains 21 & 22, Texas Eagle

Amtrak service on a portion of this route began as the Inter-American, between Fort Worth and Laredo, TX, on January 27, 1973. Service was extended to St. Louis on March 13, 1974. Service between Laredo and San Antonio ended on October 1, 1981, when the train was renamed Eagle and through cars began running on the Sunset Limited to and from Los Angeles (requiring the San Antonio stop to be moved from the site of the former MoPac station to the Southern Pacific station as of that date). The train was renamed Texas Eagle on November 14, 1988.

Tower 105 to Centex, Track 1

Tower 112 to Centex, Track 2

Centex to Taylor

The train began using the cutoff between Taylor and Temple (instead of a longer direct interconnection between the MoPac and Santa Fe) on October 26, 1975.

Taylor to Temple

A Houston to Temple section of the train operated between October 28, 1979 and October 1, 1981, using the Santa Fe line south of Temple.


Temple to Fort Worth

Fort Worth to Dallas

A Houston to Dallas section of the train operated between  November 14, 1988 and September 10, 1995, using the Southern Pacific line between Dallas and Houston.


DFW Junction to Ennis Junction

Ennis Junction to KCS Junction

KCS Junction to Big Sandy

Big Sandy to Longview

Longview to Marshall

Marshall to Texarkana

Texarkana to Hope

Hope to Gurdon

Gurdon to Little Rock

Little Rock to North Little Rock

North Little Rock to Bald Knob

Bald Knob to Poplar Bluff

Poplar Bluff to St. Louis (Iron Mountain Junction)

Iron Mountain Junction to Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue to Gratiot

The train was extended from St. Louis to Chicago on October 31, 1976. Use of St. Louis Union Station ended on October 31, 1978.

Until the mid 2000s, Amtrak trains on the St. Louis-Chicago route used the Merchants Bridge line between Gratiot and WR Tower

Gratiot to Bremen

Bremen to SH Interlocking

SH Interlocking to WR Tower

Gratiot to Q Tower

Q Tower to WR Tower

WR Tower to Lenox

Lenox to Wood River

Wood River to Godfrey

Godfrey to Springfield

Springfield to Mazonia

Mazonia to Pequot and South Joliet

Pequot to Joliet

Argo to Joliet

Corwith X-ing to Argo

Bridgeport to Corwith X-ing

21st Street to Bridgeport

Chicago Union Station to 21st Street and Halsted Street