Fraser River Junction to Vancouver (VIA Station)

From Fraser River Junction (MP 141.3), the CN transcontinental line heads away northeast at a wye junction, along the south bank of the river, a line trails in on the west side, and the line to Vancouver turns northwest, crossing the Fraser River there on a multi-span through-truss swing bridge (MP 141.5), just upriver from the spectacular SkyTrain "Expo Line" cable-stayed bridge (with a steel-arched road bridge in between), turning northeast, with speed limit 30 mph, at a wye junction with a line that heads west along the north bank of the river, along the north bank of the river beneath the Skytrain "Millenium Line", past a street alongside to the north, Cumberland (MP 144.1), a grade crossing, a track alongside to the southeast turning away east, a grade crossing, Spruce Central, a street alongside to the northwest, and Spruce (MP 144.5), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, start, to New Westminster (MP 144.8), where there is an old depot on the northwest side of the line, away from the river, crossovers at Braid (MP 145.0), and CP Junction (MP 145.3), in Fraser Mills (Sapperton to the CP), where there is a grade crossing, extra track on the southeast side, a 3-4 track BNSF yard, a double track connector (sw to e) to a CP line from Coquitlam that trails in from the east, the line turns west-northwest, and there is a 6-8 track yard yard.

The line passes a signal bridge at the west end of the line trailing in, a concrete viaduct overhead, a grade crossing, a major road bridge overhead, a street alongside to the north, crossovers and singal bridges at Brunette (MP 145.4), a road bridge overhead, crossovers at North Road (MP 146.1), where the speed limit rises to 45-30, a wooded area on both sides, and crossovers at Lake City (MP 146.4), Burnaby (MP 146.9), where there is a major road bridge overhead, the line turns west and there is an industrial spur off to the north, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing (Caribou Road), crossovers and signal bridges at Piper (MP 148.0), where the line turns north and the speed limit rises to 50-30, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, a wooded area on both sides, crossovers at Sperling (MP 149.8), where it turns west again, a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, and crossovers at Willingdon Junction (MP 151.8), where the CN line to North Vancouver turns away north.

There are triple highway bridges overhead, a grade crossing, Skytrain (the ca. 2000 "Millenium Line") alongside to the north, three grade crossings, a triple-level structure with the line at bottom, a road bridge above it, and the Skytrain viaduct above that, the Skytrain viaduct running along above the line, Still Creek (MP 153.8), where CTC ends and ABS starts, with speed limit 25 mph, a grade crossing, the Skytrain viaduct gradually edges to the south side and ends at a terminal station on the south side, a road bridge overhead, a different Skytrain line (the original "Expo Line") above that road bridge on the north side, CN Junction (MP 155.3), where the speed limit is 40-25, a CN line splits off heading west past a grade crossing, sidings to the north and sidings to the south, a west-to-north connector curving away, and the Rocky Mountaineer station on the north side of the line, and a locomotive depot.

The line to the main station turns north from CN Junction, with the second Skytrain line also turning north, but then crossing over the  main line to its west side and turning west, the main line continuing past BNSF yard tracks on the east side and a road bridge overhead, with the aforementioned west-to-north connector trailing in on the west side, to Vancouver Junction (MP 155.8), where a freight line continues north and the passenger line turns west, into yard limits, speed limit 10 mph, through the carriage washer, past the carriage sidings on the north side of the line, into Vancouverís Pacific Central station (MP 155.7) along a line actually owned by the BNSF since the Great Northern, who also built the station, was first into Vancouver (i.e., before the CN).

The station is a stub end terminal, with a total of eight tracks arranged around passenger platforms and service platforms (alternating between pairs of tracks), a magnificent head-house on the west end across from an inlet, with the southernmost platform (track 8) set aside for Amtrak trains to Seattle, behind a security fence indicating the territory is nominally in the USA.