Raleigh to Cary

From the junction where a line turns away north, the Greensboro line is single track, CTC, with speed limit 49 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freight trains, as far as Boylan,  turning northwest, past a grade crossing, into Raleigh Station (MP 81.2), which has a depot and a platform with an umbrella shed on the southwest side, and six extra tracks on the north side, and then passes extra track on the southwest side, a road bridge overhead, yard tracks to the southwest, and the signals and interlocking at Boylan (MP 80.9), where the former SAL main line trails in on the north side from Southern Junction, and the original Norfolk Southern Railway line crosses on the flat, with a south-quadrant connector.

At Boylan (CSX's Raleigh Tower, MP 157.3), the line joins the CSX (former SAL) S-line for the segment to Cary (CSX's Fetner, MP 165.0), continuing northwest, double track, current-of-traffic (rule D-251), ABS, speed limit 70 mph for passenger trains and 60 mph for freight trains on the 'southward' track (the more northerly) and 65-55 on the 'northward' track (the more southerly), past a road bridge overhead, a bridge over a street, Intermediate Signals, two grade crossings, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, extra track on the south side, a bridge, Method (MP 160.5), where there is a 3,502 ft. siding, and the line curves west-southwest, past a bridge over a divided highway, a street alongside to the south, two grade crossings, Camp Polk No. 1 (MP 161.00), where there is a 27-car double-ended track, Intermediate Signals at MP 161.2,  and Camp Polk No. 2 (MP 161.4), where an 11-car track trails in, a bridge over I-440, two grade crossings, a bridge over a road, signals at MP 162.0/162.2, a bridge over I40, a spur trailing in from P&NC on the north side, a grade crossing, extra track departing to the south, to a cement plant, and a grade crossing.

The line curves to the west-northwest, and then just south of west, past MP 164.3, where the passenger speed limit drops to 60 mph on the 'southward' track, a signal bridge, crossovers, and MP 164.7, where speed limits drop to 35 mph on both tracks (Cary city ordinance). At MP 164.8, the single track NS Greensboro line turns away northwest while the CSX S-line drops to single track and edges west-southwest to Fetner (MP 165.0). The Amtrak Cary station lies in the 'vee' of the separating lines, west of a grade crossing, with a platform on each track.