Cary to East Durham

At MP 73.0, the single track, TWC, NS Greensboro line turns away northwest (speed limit 45 mph passenger, 40 mph freight to MP 72.6) while the CSX S-line drops to single track and edges west-southwest to its Fetner location. The Amtrak Cary station lies in the 'vee' of the separating lines (MP 72.8), west of a grade crossing, with a platform on each track and a grade crossing west of the platform on the NS line. The overall speed limit is 59 mph for passenger trains and 49 mph for freight trains.

The NS line curves west , past a road bridge overhead, a dirt road grade crossing, and dual road bridges overhead (SR 54), and then turns north between MP 70.5 to MP 69.0, with passenger speeds 55 mph on the curves, and passes two grade crossings, a street alongside to the north, Morrisville, a grade crossing, a cement plant on the north side, two grade crossings, a road alongside to the north, dual road bridges overhead (SR 54), and an acute angle grade crossing at Clegg (MP 65.7), where there is a 4,144 ft. siding. On curves between MP 64.9 and MP 64.5, passenger speeds are limited to 55 mph.

The line passes a bridge over a street, a bridge over SR 54, a detector at MP 62.3, a grade crossing, a spur on the east side to an IBM facility, trailing in, a grade crossing, a bridge over I-40, a spur trailing in on the east/north side, and Brassfield. On curves between MP 59.9 and MP 59.4, passenger speeds are limited to 55 mph. From MP 59.4 to MP 57.8, speed limits are 45 mph, as the line passes two grade crossings in the woods, a 'junction' at Sullivan with track on the south side, and Bilboa and curves northwest past two extra tracks on the north side, then four yard tracks on the north side, and a grade crossing, to East Durham (MP 57.4), where a line curves away to the north-northeast.